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M Towfiqul Arafat


CEO of AD Agency(Arafat Digital Agency), M. Towfiqul Arafat familiarly known by Arafat. Earlier he was greatly known as SEO Specialist and now working with every possible part of Digital Marketing. His 5+ years of experience makes him unique and reliable.

M. Towfiqul arafat an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, a SEO expert, SEO trainer, Freelancing Workshop Mentor and Affiliate Marketer. He is specialized in white hat SEO techniques. He is a master of keyword research, link-building, on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing, Google Search Console & Analytics and advanced SEO strategies.

Currently he is working in ITSORS Training Institute as Head of Dept (Digital Marketing). Beside he has mentored a number of workshop and training on Freelancing and Outsourcing.


He can help to catch your dream. If you had the beginners knowledge by now and ready to fly on the sky of SEO- you are on the track. If you want to be a Entrepreneur like him just follow and keep in touch with him.


BDTask- software Development company and IT Training center (BDTASK Academy), worked as a SEO Consultant and SEO trainer for their various projects.

ITSORS- IT Training Institute, working as Head of the Dept (Digital Marketing)

Techlogicians- Software Development Company, worked as SEO Trainer

Booking- worked affiliate programme


Training & Teaching

Digital Marketing Trainer & SEO Trainer

As a renowned Digital Marketing & SEO trainer, he grab the success of SEO training from November 2016 to until now. He has already trained 500+ students and helped them to grow as an SEO expert.He has also mentored them to achieve in their outstanding career. His SEO training mainly focused on the following-

Marketing Strategy

On-page Optimization
Content Marketing
Off-page Optimization (Back Links)
Analysis of Site and Google Webmaster Tool
Paid Online Marketing in a cost effective manner
Effective Use of PAID Tools